1-1232973916ijAMYou know what I’d like ? A whole wooden cupboard only for stationery. I love stationery. LOVE it. Pencils, color pencils, sketch pens, ordinary pens, not so ordinary pens, extra dark pencils, fine lining black felt tipped pens, fine lining (any) color felt tipped pens, highlighters, scissors, fancy scissors, calligraphy pens, extra calligraphy nibs, plastic rulers, metallic rulers, sticky notes, bookmarks, sticky note – labels, plain labels, rubbers, glue sticks, glue pots, staplers, staple-pin removers, correction pens, omgomgomg paintbrushes, art supplies, water colors, oil paints, oil pastels, palettes, canvas frames, canvas boards. I’m sure there is more, I’m not able to remember. But you get the point. I love stationery. I get so excited thinking about it. Just give me some pens and I’ll draw all over your face. Its fun feeling stationery. Yes feeling them. Memorizing them, their color, their feel. Its as exciting as sitting in front of a blank canvas knowing that you can create anything. I think my love for stationery is almost as strong as my love for books. I enjoy coveting both. Also, I think I love hardware tools too now. I’m still searching for the right pliers. I’m really excited. Did I mention I love paper too ? And notebooks. And drawing pads. Aaaaaahh there is so much to love !!! Stationery is awesome.3791_537336742956981_1162959499_n