Never give up / Walk away now.

I have seen a ton of motivational posters on never giving up. When I saw most of them, I always unconsciously nodded. They all made sense. One of the posters I saw had two men for comparison. Both were underground and mining. One, gave up digging on a seemingly endless tunnel (to him), just when he had reached the boundary line of what separated him from a whole insane amount of diamonds just a little ahead of him. The other continued digging, and it was just a matter of a few centimeters of further digging that would reveal those diamonds. In big bold letters it was written ‘Never Give Up’. Now when you look at it from this situational angle, yes; you shouldn’t give up. But the ‘never’ word is misleading. There is a distinction to be made if you want to remain sane. Here’s a quote to prove my point “One of the hardest decisions in life is whether to walk away or try harder”. Take a situation where a person is stuck in a dead end marriage. A relationship that isn’t going anywhere and isn’t making anyone happy. Is it ethically right to try harder ? Or is walking away going to be a better option to save each others sanity ? So the one thing I understood after seeing that poster and reading that quote was, life can’t be generalized. And you can almost never say never. Every situation is different. If a guy’s wife is in a coma for 6 months, pulling the plug would be the biggest tragedy if she was 3 months away from waking up.

You shouldn’t give up when its worth trying harder. Its better to let go and walk away when its just not worth any more effort. The fine line is our job to detect, as it can make a world of a difference.