Growing up is so important. Every thing you experience can be used as a metaphor for new mistakes. I always tried to be this ideal kid, trying not to get into trouble at home. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents at any cost socially and personally. (Not counting the number of times I failed in math :P) Yes, that attitude did save me from committing many mistakes. But could I avoid committing mistakes forever ? No sir. There is one very important thing that attitude taught me though. It taught me self preservation. Brilliant willpower associated with self preservation. I committed so many stupid mistakes, or so I thought that time. Today when I look back, each mistake is such a powerful lesson learned which further just proves that all things are one. Life has a habit of repeating many things in new ways. I recognized those things, felt a sense of deja vu and finally understood how to walk around the manholes. So today those mistakes are a map. New mistakes don’t have a good enough impact to tear my soul into pieces. Just as a trained martial artist who has practiced boxing till his knuckles bleed for years; wont feel pain today when he punches a human. So thank you, mistakes. You truly have taught me, molded me and hardened me enough to pick up my pieces and walk off with dignity, understanding and peace.