Never give up / Walk away now.

I have seen a ton of motivational posters on never giving up. When I saw most of them, I always unconsciously nodded. They all made sense. One of the posters I saw had two men for comparison. Both were underground and mining. One, gave up digging on a seemingly endless tunnel (to him), just when he had reached the boundary line of what separated him from a whole insane amount of diamonds just a little ahead of him. The other continued digging, and it was just a matter of a few centimeters of further digging that would reveal those diamonds. In big bold letters it was written ‘Never Give Up’. Now when you look at it from this situational angle, yes; you shouldn’t give up. But the ‘never’ word is misleading. There is a distinction to be made if you want to remain sane. Here’s a quote to prove my point “One of the hardest decisions in life is whether to walk away or try harder”. Take a situation where a person is stuck in a dead end marriage. A relationship that isn’t going anywhere and isn’t making anyone happy. Is it ethically right to try harder ? Or is walking away going to be a better option to save each others sanity ? So the one thing I understood after seeing that poster and reading that quote was, life can’t be generalized. And you can almost never say never. Every situation is different. If a guy’s wife is in a coma for 6 months, pulling the plug would be the biggest tragedy if she was 3 months away from waking up.

You shouldn’t give up when its worth trying harder. Its better to let go and walk away when its just not worth any more effort. The fine line is our job to detect, as it can make a world of a difference.



Growing up is so important. Every thing you experience can be used as a metaphor for new mistakes. I always tried to be this ideal kid, trying not to get into trouble at home. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents at any cost socially and personally. (Not counting the number of times I failed in math :P) Yes, that attitude did save me from committing many mistakes. But could I avoid committing mistakes forever ? No sir. There is one very important thing that attitude taught me though. It taught me self preservation. Brilliant willpower associated with self preservation. I committed so many stupid mistakes, or so I thought that time. Today when I look back, each mistake is such a powerful lesson learned which further just proves that all things are one. Life has a habit of repeating many things in new ways. I recognized those things, felt a sense of deja vu and finally understood how to walk around the manholes. So today those mistakes are a map. New mistakes don’t have a good enough impact to tear my soul into pieces. Just as a trained martial artist who has practiced boxing till his knuckles bleed for years; wont feel pain today when he punches a human. So thank you, mistakes. You truly have taught me, molded me and hardened me enough to pick up my pieces and walk off with dignity, understanding and peace.

Scatterbrained wonderings.

Lets see now, I missed morning classes once again because I got up late once again, because I slept late once again and so on so forth. The one thing that I did differently is go get a glass of bournvita BEFORE eating ice cream. Also, that I sat down to browse wordpress instead of facebook. Finally I see signs of me getting a little more productive. 2013 is really a new year.

I did wonder all morning as to why it is that there aren’t any acapella groups in colleges in India. Then I smacked myself in the head and told myself the answer was in the question. People don’t get so creative in India. Especially in colleges. Its just not the time to get creative, as much as it is the time to get drunk. I prefer the former to the latter. I’m wired differently. So, as I spent my morning wishing I was in another country doing things I actually enjoy, I even read this one person’s blog. I love reading his blog. Link –

I think this post screams scatter brained freak. But I really do think fast and A LOT.

One random fact. I love to fix things. Anything that my brain can comprehend. Its a strange quality. I actually would love to own pliers. All this while I’ve used my nails to fix broken chains, broken flush pumps, paintings and other things which has resulted in torn, I repeat TORN nails. So you can see why I really need pliers. I don’t want to go around giving people the wrong idea of what I’ve been upto with my nails, most girls who care about manicures would faint at the condition of my nails. I’m not overly girly with wanting french tips on my nails, but I do like them clean and neat.

I recently got a screw driver set. My friend really had to confirm my gender after I told him this. Whats worse is, when I told what worried me about them; he flipped. I expressed my concern for the set of different screwdrivers that didn’t look very well oiled. I was worried about them rusting. I thought, who better than a guy could understand this predicament ? I don’t think his brain could process the strange concerns my girl-brain seemed to have. Its alright. I’m looking forward to the day I own an entire non-rusting hardware kit.

And now to head for a nice hot shower. Before lunch. That I’m in no mood of getting. I see a pattern forming. Argh.