Scatterbrained wonderings.

Lets see now, I missed morning classes once again because I got up late once again, because I slept late once again and so on so forth. The one thing that I did differently is go get a glass of bournvita BEFORE eating ice cream. Also, that I sat down to browse wordpress instead of facebook. Finally I see signs of me getting a little more productive. 2013 is really a new year.

I did wonder all morning as to why it is that there aren’t any acapella groups in colleges in India. Then I smacked myself in the head and told myself the answer was in the question. People don’t get so creative in India. Especially in colleges. Its just not the time to get creative, as much as it is the time to get drunk. I prefer the former to the latter. I’m wired differently. So, as I spent my morning wishing I was in another country doing things I actually enjoy, I even read this one person’s blog. I love reading his blog. Link –

I think this post screams scatter brained freak. But I really do think fast and A LOT.

One random fact. I love to fix things. Anything that my brain can comprehend. Its a strange quality. I actually would love to own pliers. All this while I’ve used my nails to fix broken chains, broken flush pumps, paintings and other things which has resulted in torn, I repeat TORN nails. So you can see why I really need pliers. I don’t want to go around giving people the wrong idea of what I’ve been upto with my nails, most girls who care about manicures would faint at the condition of my nails. I’m not overly girly with wanting french tips on my nails, but I do like them clean and neat.

I recently got a screw driver set. My friend really had to confirm my gender after I told him this. Whats worse is, when I told what worried me about them; he flipped. I expressed my concern for the set of different screwdrivers that didn’t look very well oiled. I was worried about them rusting. I thought, who better than a guy could understand this predicament ? I don’t think his brain could process the strange concerns my girl-brain seemed to have. Its alright. I’m looking forward to the day I own an entire non-rusting hardware kit.

And now to head for a nice hot shower. Before lunch. That I’m in no mood of getting. I see a pattern forming. Argh.



Fantasy Fiction.

I finally found the right book to write poetry in. Its a beautiful book which is covered with stenciled velvet which forms beautiful patterns of leaves and flowers. Perfect. Got it covered with transparent plastic covering to protect the velvet from the usual elements. Now begins the tedious task of transferring over 60 poems from my desktop and phone to this book. I’m a traditionalist that way. I enjoy the old custom of writing on paper, instead of the very usual typing on phone or comps.

I also happened to get the Shiver trilogy. What can I say ? I totally dig fantasy fiction. Its fantastic how there are no limits in that world. I really get annoyed when people criticize that genre of books. Only the ones who lack even a minimal amount of imagination and creativity can claim that fantasy fiction is bullshit. When I think about it, the real world has more bullshit in it. I mean, look around. There is more crap going on around, no ethics, no courtesy, no freedom, prejudices everywhere, no life. The world in books are way better. So if some idiot actually comes up to me and tells me to be realistic, I’ll slap him in the face and tell him no, thanks. Been there. Done that. Hated it. So get lost. We imaginative creatures are a more peaceful lot though, when uninterrupted by these crappy realists.

For those of you out there who enjoy a dark, edgier and more detailed and complicated works of fantasy fiction, I suggest you to read His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. Its brilliant. It changed my whole perspective of my universe and the ones that exist parallely. Apart from that trilogy, there is another one that is more complicated and beautiful. The Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini is worth more than a shot.

In the pursuit of more strange occurances and happiness.

I got a propeller key chain. What are the chances ? 😀

I’ve got a couple of strange events in my life that I generally write down. (a) – probably because it is totally worth noting, its weird afterall. and (b) – there is always a strange lesson to be learnt. I sit now blogging after a pretty awesome time I had the last couple of hours. Its strange because I barely ever stay up late. I get too drowsy. And plus, I really like the plush cuddly pillows and my blankey and my soft sheets and you get the point. I do not resist sleeping in early, But as it happens, I stayed up late tonight. Awesome company can do that sometimes. Today was one such day. I didn’t expect. When I did, I really did get disappointed. But when I completely didn’t, I had the best time. Unexpected things can give you immense joy. And this is simply because of the simplicity of an unexpected spontaneity of the moment. I learnt today that you just have to let go, chill out, loosen the grip, relax, retrospect, understand, forget, and have a great time !

Going in the pursuit of happiness alone is enough as it will lead you down the right road. Not the surface level kind of happiness, but the real tough; good and well earned happiness. Its an investment – happiness. You have got to do things that give you happiness in depth. That could entail doing things that you might find uncomfortable at first. But as you gradually continue, you will find happiness as you were truly investing in the deeds that bring you deep happiness; and not temporary satiation.  Though it is an investment that takes time, since you don’t really know when you’ll reap the benefits; the joy you get could hit you at any time, any place, from anyone, in any way.

So go about doing whatever you do. Go an extra mile contributing to the cause of happiness, but also while not counting on anyone or anything.

Sleepy now. Goodnight folks.

Counting my blessings again.

This is another post about counting your blessings. Another post because of how incredible your life can get once you start counting.

I spoke to three of my bestestest friends today. 3 different people, different in every way imaginable. They are by themselves a whole variety. All three of them spoke some heavy things, and some wonderful light hearted things. All 3 of them had an incredible impact on me today. And it is the same 3 people who are very brave, have taken their own decisions and have proudly borne their own unique battle scars. Whats brilliant is they are wonderful people rotating on their own respective axises and are continuously contributing to make this world a better place. I’m so incredibly blessed to have these 3 in my life ! They give me hope, when there seems to be none. They make me laugh when I’m damn low. They make me realize and see whats hidden between the lines. Overall they make me a better person.

I enjoyed knowing how much I’ve got.

You just might too.

The desert and all good things.

Listening to Edward Maya’s ‘This is my life’ attempting to draw Louvre. I really love the flow of this song. Its got a very middle eastern feel to it. Reminds me of home. Cannot wait to go back once again, perhaps live there for a few years trying to relive my past, my childhood, my teenage life, my memories while creating new ones. I miss the middle east. I miss the sand. I miss the palm trees. I miss the surprise on all of our faces when it rains. I miss the sand storms, the fog during the shift in seasons. I miss the smell of the creek. I miss the ocean. I miss the salty scent that envelopes the beaches. The lovely winter skies with high flying clouds, their strange and unique patterns. Their incredible colors as the sun sets and the winds blows stronger. I miss the Arabic perfumes lingering behind the Arab women who used to pass me by. I miss the glamor, the grandeur of the malls. The smell of Arabic Oud.The cold temperatures of the malls on insanely hot summer mornings. The sound of the fountains. I miss the food, the Indians – Arab-Western-Indians. Confused Indians who are a fusion. Indians who will never truly relate to so many things common in India once they have been brought up there. We are a clan. Unintended though, no jokes. I have many times come across a middle eastern Indian who is still trying to figure out what he could call himself/herself. It influences you in strange ways. And an Indian from the middle east is very recognizable. No shit. These people stick out like neon colored pigments in a crowd. Atleast to another who grew up there too.

I miss it. Everything. The desert. I never thought I’d miss the desert. But I really, really do. The highways always give a golden view of the huge expanses of the desert stretching out endlessly on both sides of the smooth roads. The dates. I miss Bateel. Gorgeously tasty.

Now all this is just a part of my memories. I can only relive them in my head. Its still fresh. What I really hope is that it remains fresh forever. Because who knows if life will make me go elsewhere instead of going back.

Oats for the fatty.

So all this while people tell you in articles that chocolate is good for the heart blah blah blah, NOW I read in a newspaper article that chocolate increases the level of a particular hormone that starts storing fat. How wonderful. Just when I thought it was permanently understood that chocolate just has no bad sides to its personality, it comes up and slaps me in my face.


My jeans don’t fit. Which really really sucks. I like my jeans. They are all I have. (totally jk)

But still.

Oats for the fatty. Oats all way. Eeeuurgh. I have to start walking. I think even my brain weighs more 😐

I know this is particularly a short blog post. I’m sorry, but my hunger is telling me to move to better grazing grounds. Peace out.

Happy, happy New Year (:


It is the 1st of January of the year 2013. The year 2012, THE year; dreaded towards the end with all the predictions and fellow preppers’ warnings, the rising crime as well as the insensitivity of people reaching new highs; 2012 was a quite a roller coaster and has managed to pass us by. What does say about time ? It passes. The best and worst always pass us by. What remains is our memories of them as well as lessons and nothing else. Perhaps new people gained and lost along the way.

2012 has ended. One year of our lives has left us. I’m still trying to grip reality of 2013 dawning on me. I will have to date each chapter I study henceforth with ’13. I know I will end up writing ’12 for a few more months  before I finally manage to write ’13 without corrections. And before you know it, 2014 will stare us in the eye. But thats’ that. Time and tide wait for none.

So as I still try to digest that its the year 2013, I hope with all my heart that I’m braver this year. I pray that everyone is too. I pray that everyone experiences more happiness than 2012 gave us, more love, more courage, clear decisiveness, and more hope.

Also, on a totally different note, rather a musical one; all you violin enthusiasts do check out Lindsey Stirling’s song titled Celtic Carol. Its marvelous.

We have but a few years at hand to do what ever we want to, to live consequences of all that we did as well. I hope all of us mostly do good, and life affirming things this year so we can reap the benefits later when its time. I wish each one of you reading; a wonderful, happy, exciting and fulfilling new year. Have a great year ahead you guys.

Peace and love as always.