Bird on a wire

Bird on a wire
With the eyes of a tiger
What is it you foresee
Please do tell me

A future colorful, a future bleak ?
Do we laugh, do we bleed ?
Forgotten friends, forgotten dreams
No time for sorrow, don’t forget to breathe

This life, a masquerade
Full of false facades
Truth, buried too deep
Beneath the earth, unseen
Dreams forgotten indeed
Friends, nowhere to be seen

Bird on a wire
Will we burn in fire
Our lies and mistakes
Together in our pyre

Will we ever redeem
Broken hope, buried dreams
Will our timeline once again hold
All that has been sold

A fresh start, a new art
All that we had at the start
A new breath, no more regrets
Different melody to this sonnet

Bird on a wire
We will get all we desire
Our future we shall build
Reborn souls and a fresh quill

Written by Shruti Krishna on the 3rd of May, 2013