A never ending search.

Once upon a time there lived a sweet little girl who lived far away from her family for a few years to learn worldly wisdom without the security blanket of familiar surroundings and family. She traveled far, for very long and reached a small town. Under the constant cover of rains she began her search for understanding of the great many things that cant be taught by word of mouth alone. She came across a great many people, all who had set out on their own journeys. After spending a couple of months with different clans of strangers, she seemed unable to settle down with any one of the clans. She was troubled, and wondered why her heart was never satisfied. She doubted herself, fought with herself, read an immense amount of old books written by wise men of different worlds and constantly tried to understand and improve herself, always with one motive : learn, and never stagnate.

She constantly changed her company. She was tired. She never understood why she was so unsatisfied. Don’t get me wrong, she did make some true friends. But she could never settle.

After many hardships, internal and external; she had hardened and simultaneously softened. Her exterior shell and parts of her heart were hard, impenetrable. A fortress. So many hard earned defense mechanisms. But there were other parts of her heart that were as tender as new born flesh. Waiting, always waiting.

She came to a conclusion. There were three categories of people. One, who only brought anguish with them in their very fabrics. Neatly and dangerously woven minds who never brought her or anyone even remote hints of inner peace. They, like the perfect storm destroyed all those in their paths; and gleefully so. Unfortunately, these people thrived in every land. Two, those who like a sudden burst of sun rays in the frigid north signalling the end of frosty winters; brought in spontaneous flashes of wonders, immense joy and peace with them. They left a trail of love. They were almost no where to be found. Once in many years, if one is lucky; such creatures of delight could be spotted. Then comes the third kind, those who are a mix of both. They can be spotted everywhere. They can bring happiness but always have a sword of treachery hidden.

She understood that a world like ours is made up a strange symphonic concoction of the three, carefully monitored by the Hand who wrote it all.  She understood further that her life will consist of the first and the third categories inevitably.

The second category however; is the tricky, and incredibly important one. Those, who by just a brush with her life; can set her path on a totally different course where everything makes sense, where she can so clearly see how everything happens for the best of reasons. These magical beings who light her life up like a million suns could, without the harshness of the heat. A cool and ever present light, emanates from deep within these beings.

She vowed to never give up on her search for these creatures of the second kind.