My two friends, and a bike.

I have these two people in my life, friends who seem perfectly normal from the outside. One looks like he’s always high on something though he hasn’t even tried weed let alone anything else. He’s an innocent boy. The other looks like a quiet QUIET person with such tall barriers around her, you’ll have to pass all tests to get into her fortress. Then there is me. I’m insane when I’m with these two people. And I swear to God, I don’t know why. Its like our normalcy charade drops like the ball in Manhattan on new year’s eve when we meet up. Three seemingly normal people who like to do the weirdest things. We go out on these midnight bike rides around town, only to barely venture into this cold, cooold forest and turn back. Everything looks scary at night. That’s why its so much fun. I think I really creep these two out when I break into a high school musical song every now and then. But its hard not to get high on adrenaline. Last night we ventured further into that forest only to give to the evident spookiness and turn back. But then tomorrow is another day ! Perhaps when the sun is still setting that forest might not look so .. err .. uninviting and awesome. So until next time, we three postpone our insanity for a bit for that one sure to be memorable evening. 


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