Being broke, the perils of a junkless existence.

Being broke is hard. To overlook the ice cream area, the variety of biscuits (chocolate ones, to be precise), even the horrid horrid chips (they taste terrible in India, the Lays in Dubai was AWESOME) in a grocery store really gets to me. The hogger in me has had to compromise. And compromise makes me hungry. Its a Goddamn loop ! Anyway, what I learned from being broke is, its hard to be broke; but with great friends who starve with you (okay I’m exaggerating a little) really gets a person through junk-less tough times. Last night, my broke friend and I spoke about the things we’d like to eat. Also about the terrible sun under which we have to walk instead of taking autos only to save up a little. That’s painful. Mostly because I’m lazy as hell. But still. Its so hot, classes are so boring, and we cant buy ice cream. What is left to liiiive forrr ?! (Drama, and curtains drop). So here I sit in front of a computer to vent, well; actually to distract myself from the over powering thought of ice creams, and write my story. My story of being broke.


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