In the pursuit of more strange occurances and happiness.

I got a propeller key chain. What are the chances ? 😀

I’ve got a couple of strange events in my life that I generally write down. (a) – probably because it is totally worth noting, its weird afterall. and (b) – there is always a strange lesson to be learnt. I sit now blogging after a pretty awesome time I had the last couple of hours. Its strange because I barely ever stay up late. I get too drowsy. And plus, I really like the plush cuddly pillows and my blankey and my soft sheets and you get the point. I do not resist sleeping in early, But as it happens, I stayed up late tonight. Awesome company can do that sometimes. Today was one such day. I didn’t expect. When I did, I really did get disappointed. But when I completely didn’t, I had the best time. Unexpected things can give you immense joy. And this is simply because of the simplicity of an unexpected spontaneity of the moment. I learnt today that you just have to let go, chill out, loosen the grip, relax, retrospect, understand, forget, and have a great time !

Going in the pursuit of happiness alone is enough as it will lead you down the right road. Not the surface level kind of happiness, but the real tough; good and well earned happiness. Its an investment – happiness. You have got to do things that give you happiness in depth. That could entail doing things that you might find uncomfortable at first. But as you gradually continue, you will find happiness as you were truly investing in the deeds that bring you deep happiness; and not temporary satiation.  Though it is an investment that takes time, since you don’t really know when you’ll reap the benefits; the joy you get could hit you at any time, any place, from anyone, in any way.

So go about doing whatever you do. Go an extra mile contributing to the cause of happiness, but also while not counting on anyone or anything.

Sleepy now. Goodnight folks.


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