Counting my blessings again.

This is another post about counting your blessings. Another post because of how incredible your life can get once you start counting.

I spoke to three of my bestestest friends today. 3 different people, different in every way imaginable. They are by themselves a whole variety. All three of them spoke some heavy things, and some wonderful light hearted things. All 3 of them had an incredible impact on me today. And it is the same 3 people who are very brave, have taken their own decisions and have proudly borne their own unique battle scars. Whats brilliant is they are wonderful people rotating on their own respective axises and are continuously contributing to make this world a better place. I’m so incredibly blessed to have these 3 in my life ! They give me hope, when there seems to be none. They make me laugh when I’m damn low. They make me realize and see whats hidden between the lines. Overall they make me a better person.

I enjoyed knowing how much I’ve got.

You just might too.


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