The desert and all good things.

Listening to Edward Maya’s ‘This is my life’ attempting to draw Louvre. I really love the flow of this song. Its got a very middle eastern feel to it. Reminds me of home. Cannot wait to go back once again, perhaps live there for a few years trying to relive my past, my childhood, my teenage life, my memories while creating new ones. I miss the middle east. I miss the sand. I miss the palm trees. I miss the surprise on all of our faces when it rains. I miss the sand storms, the fog during the shift in seasons. I miss the smell of the creek. I miss the ocean. I miss the salty scent that envelopes the beaches. The lovely winter skies with high flying clouds, their strange and unique patterns. Their incredible colors as the sun sets and the winds blows stronger. I miss the Arabic perfumes lingering behind the Arab women who used to pass me by. I miss the glamor, the grandeur of the malls. The smell of Arabic Oud.The cold temperatures of the malls on insanely hot summer mornings. The sound of the fountains. I miss the food, the Indians – Arab-Western-Indians. Confused Indians who are a fusion. Indians who will never truly relate to so many things common in India once they have been brought up there. We are a clan. Unintended though, no jokes. I have many times come across a middle eastern Indian who is still trying to figure out what he could call himself/herself. It influences you in strange ways. And an Indian from the middle east is very recognizable. No shit. These people stick out like neon colored pigments in a crowd. Atleast to another who grew up there too.

I miss it. Everything. The desert. I never thought I’d miss the desert. But I really, really do. The highways always give a golden view of the huge expanses of the desert stretching out endlessly on both sides of the smooth roads. The dates. I miss Bateel. Gorgeously tasty.

Now all this is just a part of my memories. I can only relive them in my head. Its still fresh. What I really hope is that it remains fresh forever. Because who knows if life will make me go elsewhere instead of going back.


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