Happy, happy New Year (:


It is the 1st of January of the year 2013. The year 2012, THE year; dreaded towards the end with all the predictions and fellow preppers’ warnings, the rising crime as well as the insensitivity of people reaching new highs; 2012 was a quite a roller coaster and has managed to pass us by. What does say about time ? It passes. The best and worst always pass us by. What remains is our memories of them as well as lessons and nothing else. Perhaps new people gained and lost along the way.

2012 has ended. One year of our lives has left us. I’m still trying to grip reality of 2013 dawning on me. I will have to date each chapter I study henceforth with ’13. I know I will end up writing ’12 for a few more months  before I finally manage to write ’13 without corrections. And before you know it, 2014 will stare us in the eye. But thats’ that. Time and tide wait for none.

So as I still try to digest that its the year 2013, I hope with all my heart that I’m braver this year. I pray that everyone is too. I pray that everyone experiences more happiness than 2012 gave us, more love, more courage, clear decisiveness, and more hope.

Also, on a totally different note, rather a musical one; all you violin enthusiasts do check out Lindsey Stirling’s song titled Celtic Carol. Its marvelous.

We have but a few years at hand to do what ever we want to, to live consequences of all that we did as well. I hope all of us mostly do good, and life affirming things this year so we can reap the benefits later when its time. I wish each one of you reading; a wonderful, happy, exciting and fulfilling new year. Have a great year ahead you guys.

Peace and love as always.



2 thoughts on “Happy, happy New Year (:

  1. Divya Gupta says:

    nice one 🙂
    keep going

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