Day 2 – Protests for a better India, a safer India

This entry is dedicated to our gutless Prime minister, Mr Manmohan GoodForNothing Singh, and all the shameless ministers who govern India. Day 2 of protests in the whole of India has still not woken our PM from his comfortable nap to come out and speak to the nation he supposedly rules. Shame on him. We as voters need to wake up and vote for people who have the credentials, and the heart and vision to rule India to make it better. Not an 82 year old man who is swimming in benefits derived from every tax payer’s money. Lets take a look at other countries who have more to teach us on how to choose a leader. Please jago India. Delhi has seen more lathi charge, tear gas shells and water cannons early this morning. What does that speak about our government, our so called leaders ? They only know the brute language of animals. That is why none, I repeat NONE of the political leaders have come out with clear hearts and best of intentions to comfort the people of India who have had enough. Salman Khurshid, the Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of External affairs very insensitively gave a statement to the people of India : “Dont hold street trials”. These are the people WE have elected to sit in the seat of power and ruin our country.

60+ years have passed after we attained Independence. But women are still caged. Is this real independence ? Is this freedom ? The protestors out there are treated like dogs and shooed away with medieval methods, instead of being treated like respectable citizens of India given a ear to hear out their pleas. We aren’t given a platform to voices our opinions. Doesn’t this PROVE that our current government isn’t to rule us ?

Just now I got news of one video journalist being SHOT by bullets by a police officer who acted out against a couple of protestors who were about to torch a vehicle, protesting for the Manipuri actress who was recently molested in Mumbai. So in this country a vehicle is worth more than a person’s life. Its not a bloody encounter, to shoot a criminal down while chasing him. These are protestors, people of India who have had enough. And this innocent man was SHOT.

Jago India. Jago. Choose leaders not for their family name, not for their party, not for their skin. Choose one leader for their real solid will to make India worth living in.


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