Rape – Why is there still no action taken ?

Its amazing to see the number of men protesting against rape. Amazing because now it brings the emotion of surprise that there are in fact men who don’t believe in rape. Isn’t that pathetic ? Whats wrong with this country ? Whats wrong with the bloody government ? Aren’t they supposed to be ‘public servants’ ? It certainly is the other way around. We are their slaves. We have no say. One entire day of protesting, and there is still no politician who has the balls to come out and reassure the public that stern action will be taken. And I know why. Most of the politicians in India already have many rape cases, murder cases against them. So by amending rape laws, they will be screwed you see. We Indians are ruled by rapists and murderers.

Death penalty is given only in the rarest of rarest cases apparently. If death penalty was given in every case of rape, perhaps then our country would be safer and cleaner of the scum that haunt us.

Lathi charge, tear gas, water canons were used today at protestors who just wanted swift action and justice. Why ? What are they, dogs ? The government doesn’t respect the public, why should we respect them ?

Physically castrate those sick beasts who go about raping the youth, who rape even people as old as their mothers or grandmothers. Its sick. From a 2-3 year old girl to a 99 year old women, no one is safe. A female body is what these beasts devour. Physically castrate those disgusting men and leave them to live in shame in imprisonment for atleast 15 years before hanging them at India Gate. Make their hanging public. We want to see them die.


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