Too much to do, too little time

There is so much to learn. Every step I take, every corner I turn, every place I go to, I am reminded of how much there is to learn. And how much there is to do.

My current muse is Kina Grannis and her official music video of In your arms. Its made up of around 288,000 jelly beans. Yes jelly beans. I was like, ‘how in the world .. that is SO cool .. and yummy .. jelly beeeeeans’.

So all I need to do is put my mind to something I want to do. Anything I’m passionate about. But there is the problem I face most of the times. I’m exploding with ideas, so many many many ideas on what to do with my day. All this because I’m passionate about a lot of things. So here lies my confusion. What do I do with my day ? How many things can I fit into it, and most importantly – finish doing what I started. I generally hop about from one muse to another in a day. Thaaaats .. not such a good thing.

I’m still arguing with myself. Like, right now. I’ve a pile of stuff to go through and filter, old stuff. Dusty stuff. Mostly papers and art materials. And there is also the studying. Good old nagging portion of my brain constantly reminding me of the constantly procrastinated area – a box labelled ‘studies’ that sit in the corner of the attic of my brain.

And then there is all the reading. I really love reading. If it was up to me I would finish 3 books a day. Atleast. No problemo. But I cant do that now. Unfortunately. 15 days for my 6th semester. Time is even more precious now. 

Anyway, there is too much to do. I better get back. Get hoping. To finish. Tasks.



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