That one morning, I just happened to be sitting at the window seat in that tiny plane. My seat also just happened to be located near the propellers of the plane. And I just happened to observe something monumental in my mind, what started as an empty gaze directed towards the airport visible outside the tiny window I was next to – something I involuntarily do once I place my earphones in my ear and turn up the volume to drown out the noise of the engine. Anyway, what I observed as the plane started to move was, the spinning blades of the propeller. At first I could make out each blade, as the spin slowly accelerated to a speed that made each blade almost invisible. So this propeller’s blades were almost invisible, except when a person observing the propeller, pointed out its existence due to its darker shade as a whole, when compared to its background. That’s when it struck me. If a person or an object managed to vibrate at a great speed, perhaps partial/complete invisibility could be achieved. Further more, the extent of invisibility could further be enhanced if this person or object happened to vibrate at a great speed at night.

This window of knowledge that suddenly seemed visible was by itself an ordinary miracle – in my words, a miracle in an ordinary life with ordinary circumstances.

Now, I know that a handful of people already know how to turn invisible using the same rule. Surely this idea by itself isn’t original, though it is an original one in my fresh mind in this lifetime.

And I also know what you may say. You may state that its impossible, as you haven’t met any invisible people. Neither have I. But before you rule the possibility of their existence, let me ask you, even if these people know how to turn invisible, what makes you think they would come and tell you ?


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