A lot of things happened today. I understood human bonds more deeply than I ever had. I appreciated the power of communication. I learned that one mistake is not enough to write a person off, often times that one mistake can change that person completely (example, Edmund from Narnia). I understood the importance of all my friends no matter how close or how far they are currently. Internet surely bridges gaps created by physical distances. But ofcourse, for that an effort must be put in. I understood that the strongest of people are also the softest of people, with hearts so tender; that any hurt caused to them is equivalent to a crime. I know now that its not hard to reach out to somebody. Its surely worth the effort. I know love, love that expands at the same rate the universe currently does. Infinite love that knows no reason, no race, or even specie. Love that transcends all, for limitations cease to exist in front of it. I also know that some people are worth less than the sole of my most worn shoe. Or even the muck that sticks to it. I know today that discretion matters when choosing. I also know that experiences matter in order to practice discretion. So today I stand here and know that as long as I keep myself open, I can only continue to learn.

12/12/12 is a date that will not repeat itself for the next hundred years. And through this I learned that just like this date wont repeat itself, neither will the moments that pass me by.

As I dissected whatever I have gathered till this date, I understood how all those things have led me to this moment. How can I not be grateful 🙂


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