Time – muse part 7

Blogging seems to have become a daily night time ritual. I may have just jinxed that though, just now.

I don’t know why I watched Woman in Black again. I really don’t. Maybe I lack actual thrill in life. I’m really bored. I finished that book I was reading. Now I know all I should be doing is studying. But I have this feeling that the days are flying too fast. I need more time.

Time. Its such a relative concept. Attached only to this Earth and its movement around our Sun, in this solar system. Time. There is a book on time called The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom. Picked up from where I had left it last time, weeks ago. It speaks of the constant nagging fear we all have of time running out. We keep counting. Counting hours, counting minutes, counting seconds, even milliseconds. Time never stops. It keeps running. Especially when are in most need of it, it seems to betray you by seemingly moving faster. Why are we so obsessed with time ? What if I don’t want to keep count ? Time wont care. It will keep doing its duty. It will run out.

I don’t like time sometimes. It makes people grow old. People you don’t want to lose. People you will never see again once their time is up. Who can blame time though ? It goes about doing its duty. Anyway the world would be too stuffed with so many old people IF their time would never run out, they would also perhaps get frustrated with their never ending beards and years. So we do have a perfect world, we just need to complain. Atleast I know I do. Just human, afterall.

Checked the time on my laptop. Its time for bed. Goodnight folks.



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