What if ? – Muse part 4

I almost got hit by a truck today. 4 people behind me yelled at the driver while his wooshed past us, one of them being my mom. I covered my mouth and tried to processed what I had just missed. Literally, covered my mouth. I never thought I’d do that. I continued to walk forward and cover my mouth. Realization hit me. What if I had died ? Would I haunt those empty canvas’ I never got to paint on ? Would I linger near my phone wanting to finish unfinished poetry ? Would I cry ? Mostly I thought of all that I could have done, and didn’t get to do. Go trekking, travel to Italy, stand for hours at Louvre absorbing ancient art, watching the unique dance of the northern lights at Lapland knowing the end to that beautiful night will feature getting cozy in my sleeping bag in a tent out there; thanking God for a wonderful life and night. I would have missed a life where my grand kids would wake up in my little cottage somewhere green and fresh, wake up to a bright new day bringing in some freshly baked cakes along with my very unique recipe of spaghetti with Indian herbs and spices that my grand kids would always be ready to wolf down. Perhaps even a life where I would have had my little art gallery to sell my works, a life where I would have proceeded to learning how to sculpt .. along with the usual evening pottery classes. All that I wanted to achieve, all that I dreamed of, all that I would have lost had I died, hit me. That’s when I understood, there is too much to do, too much to see before I finally retire to move on beyond. But what about those unfortunate enough to have died before they got to live out their bucket lists ? What about those who never got to say goodbye to those they loved ? I value today. For today is truly a gift. A gift not many got before me. A gift not many will get. So for them and for me, I will live today. And pray for a tomorrow.


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