Travelling – Muse part 2

She stood very still. She wanted to only witness, not be a part of it. This tells all those who believe that journeys happen due to movement, that they couldn’t be more wrong. She stood there. Didn’t move, but traveled. Didn’t step forward but was moving so fast. She stood for so long, she understood. She watched and grew. She wasn’t a stranger to all that passed by, they knew her from lives behind. They will know her in lives beyond.

There was a road ahead of her. The trees wore long elaborate skirts of flowers on one side. Butterflies. So many butterflies. She had never seen so many, continuously moving; never resting. She had a frown on her face the whole time. Not because of how hot it was, but because soon butterflies may vanish. They may become extinct. Then what ? Would her grandchildren never get to see the sight she sees today ? Is the past becoming better than the future ?

She stood there for hours with a frown, her feet never tired; never moving, her soul soaring. She thought furiously, just as she observed with all passion. She wanted this. This memory was priceless. This memory maybe all she has later. Now’s abundance may just become tomorrow’s scarcity and day after’s non-existence. She searched in her vast garden of her mind for a solution to tomorrow’s problems. But then she realized that just like she had a destiny, so did they. So instead of worrying about tomorrow, she lived today. Keenly observed what fascinated her, what held her rooted to that spot. She might not come back again.


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