Muse part 1

I have always felt that there are a certain specific chain of events that bring a person to where he/she currently is. A simple example being; lets say I took my dog out for a walk in the park this evening, happened to meet a kind stranger, happened to chit-chat a little while our dogs played, met her the next day as well, all these evening hangouts leading to a great family dinner shared with a whole new family in the weekend. A more complicated long term example being; the decision to choose a stream of studies leading to what you currently work as and where you are situated, and all that comes with it.

One thing I’m most certain of. No matter the situation, a person always has it in his hands to choose what to do with it. Yes, fate does play a massive role. But so do you. Its an intertwined connection that a person’s fate and a person’s discretion have. Once I’ve established that any human is free to do as he please with what he has, I have ruled out the pathetic excuse of blaming one’s troubles and choices solely on fate. Choice is independent of fate. The consequences however, of your choices become part of your fate.

On a completely different note, here’s what I’ve observed about friendship and the effect it has on you. There is a wise saying “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”. God knows how many years ago that originated, but it truly stands the test of time. The friends you choose to keep in your life truly reflect the state of mind you want to stay in. It is they who mold you in very many ways, good or bad. Often irreversible changes are made to you because of the company you keep. There is just one thing I now keep in mind when I’m having trouble with who should stay and who should go. I’ve started (better late than never) to ask myself if its worth keeping a particular person in my life, and why. All this scrutiny is because after keen observation and lessons learned, I have understood that having that one poisonous person in your life can do so much damage; life can become a product of their actions, reactions, opinions etc. Take that one person out, and you are free. In a split second too.  

Now I’m sleepy.

Goodnight folks.


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