Winterrr is herrre !

Just like any woodland creature getting cozy in their warm homes in this chilly weather in the fantastical world of Wind in the willows, I have to been getting very comfortable too. I even had some nice plum cake to keep me company for the past two days. Its only this morning that I ran out, got to stock up my inventory of all that is cake-y and chocolatey. 2 winters ago I was in totally different country welcoming the same winter. Winter remains the same, though I celebrated it differently. Back then winter meant a time to finally hang out with my freakishly awesome friends. After asking all the parents’ permissions .. promising to call them every once in a while updating with our current status after the first 10 minutes of stepping out of our respective houses even if only for a total time period of an hour -.- This winter is different. I mainly look forward to the possibilities of different food, or the same; doesn’t matter. Food is food. Food is awesome. With Christmas approaching, Im hoping for more authentic plum cakes on offer, the bright lights and more wind. Ahhh cozy cozy cozy. Wrapped in a blanket with a hot glass of bournvita, cake and chips at an arm’s distance, great music and ofcourse a good, gooood book. What more could I ask for ? Perhaps a bowl of hot and fresh buttery popcorn ?

Winter is most certainly my most favorite season. Its cold, I get to wear sweaters, there are those crazy winds and I get hungrier than usual.

Here’s hoping the bitterest of winters gives way to a very hopeful and the freshest of Springs !

Have a great winter you guys 🙂


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