Day 2 – Protests for a better India, a safer India

This entry is dedicated to our gutless Prime minister, Mr Manmohan GoodForNothing Singh, and all the shameless ministers who govern India. Day 2 of protests in the whole of India has still not woken our PM from his comfortable nap to come out and speak to the nation he supposedly rules. Shame on him. We as voters need to wake up and vote for people who have the credentials, and the heart and vision to rule India to make it better. Not an 82 year old man who is swimming in benefits derived from every tax payer’s money. Lets take a look at other countries who have more to teach us on how to choose a leader. Please jago India. Delhi has seen more lathi charge, tear gas shells and water cannons early this morning. What does that speak about our government, our so called leaders ? They only know the brute language of animals. That is why none, I repeat NONE of the political leaders have come out with clear hearts and best of intentions to comfort the people of India who have had enough. Salman Khurshid, the Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of External affairs very insensitively gave a statement to the people of India : “Dont hold street trials”. These are the people WE have elected to sit in the seat of power and ruin our country.

60+ years have passed after we attained Independence. But women are still caged. Is this real independence ? Is this freedom ? The protestors out there are treated like dogs and shooed away with medieval methods, instead of being treated like respectable citizens of India given a ear to hear out their pleas. We aren’t given a platform to voices our opinions. Doesn’t this PROVE that our current government isn’t to rule us ?

Just now I got news of one video journalist being SHOT by bullets by a police officer who acted out against a couple of protestors who were about to torch a vehicle, protesting for the Manipuri actress who was recently molested in Mumbai. So in this country a vehicle is worth more than a person’s life. Its not a bloody encounter, to shoot a criminal down while chasing him. These are protestors, people of India who have had enough. And this innocent man was SHOT.

Jago India. Jago. Choose leaders not for their family name, not for their party, not for their skin. Choose one leader for their real solid will to make India worth living in.


Rape – Why is there still no action taken ?

Its amazing to see the number of men protesting against rape. Amazing because now it brings the emotion of surprise that there are in fact men who don’t believe in rape. Isn’t that pathetic ? Whats wrong with this country ? Whats wrong with the bloody government ? Aren’t they supposed to be ‘public servants’ ? It certainly is the other way around. We are their slaves. We have no say. One entire day of protesting, and there is still no politician who has the balls to come out and reassure the public that stern action will be taken. And I know why. Most of the politicians in India already have many rape cases, murder cases against them. So by amending rape laws, they will be screwed you see. We Indians are ruled by rapists and murderers.

Death penalty is given only in the rarest of rarest cases apparently. If death penalty was given in every case of rape, perhaps then our country would be safer and cleaner of the scum that haunt us.

Lathi charge, tear gas, water canons were used today at protestors who just wanted swift action and justice. Why ? What are they, dogs ? The government doesn’t respect the public, why should we respect them ?

Physically castrate those sick beasts who go about raping the youth, who rape even people as old as their mothers or grandmothers. Its sick. From a 2-3 year old girl to a 99 year old women, no one is safe. A female body is what these beasts devour. Physically castrate those disgusting men and leave them to live in shame in imprisonment for atleast 15 years before hanging them at India Gate. Make their hanging public. We want to see them die.


The movie is the same. But in a room of 10 people, each person has understood a different story, along with different perceptions of the characters in it. So when we take this to a macro level, innumerable perceptions arise about the same story. Each perception a gateway to a parallel universe. Incredible, isn’t it. How is it that we can define people then ? We cant. We can attach a certain number of tags, but never limit them with those tags. Each person is a whole universe by himself. Not just of thoughts, but of feelings, of dreams, of his definitions of morality. Every person has a different definition of greatness, of winning, of losing. And it is the same people, who also have unique reasons for what they fight for, or what is worth fighting for. Every human is a whole set of solar systems, galaxies, dying stars, stars being reborn, innumerable happenings of big bangs. Limitless.

Home is important. Like anybody and everybody, I have my own definition of home. Home for me is not just where my family lives, but also my past, my books, a couple of great beautiful moments, my spirituality, and some wonderful people. Home is where all that you love lives. Not just limited to people or living things, but also the non living. Its where you are the most relaxed – not necessarily a physical place, but more a mental state.

What is crucial ? Its the small grains of sand that sit between the big rocks in your jar. Those are the small things that make our lives different, special in its own strange way. The small things that make up a large part of our lives. The way you butter your toast, the way you prefer your eggs, the smell of your room, the yellowing of pages in your oldest books, the smell of monsoon, the smile of your best friend, the panting of your dog, the swift flight of a butterfly that stopped you in your tracks, the small daily achievements – doing those 50 push ups; running for 20 minutes; or perhaps working on your serve. Small things. Every day things. The smile of a stranger when you pass them by, the comfort of your bed, that early morning stretch, sea breeze, the space in your heart where you miss somebody, those puffy white clouds that promote a nice breeze on a hot day, the dew on grass, the first spray of a hot shower. All these tiny, tiny moments that make life perfect the way it is.

Life is made up of so much. There aren’t enough words to describe it all, and even if there were; there aren’t enough pages to write it all on. But I try to. Its a hell lot of fun to recount all that I enjoyed. The smallest ones, very importantly. For its rare that we get a chance to stop to smell the roses. And even more rare to be able to remember what made you happy enough to record them.



Too much to do, too little time

There is so much to learn. Every step I take, every corner I turn, every place I go to, I am reminded of how much there is to learn. And how much there is to do.

My current muse is Kina Grannis and her official music video of In your arms. Its made up of around 288,000 jelly beans. Yes jelly beans. I was like, ‘how in the world .. that is SO cool .. and yummy .. jelly beeeeeans’.

So all I need to do is put my mind to something I want to do. Anything I’m passionate about. But there is the problem I face most of the times. I’m exploding with ideas, so many many many ideas on what to do with my day. All this because I’m passionate about a lot of things. So here lies my confusion. What do I do with my day ? How many things can I fit into it, and most importantly – finish doing what I started. I generally hop about from one muse to another in a day. Thaaaats .. not such a good thing.

I’m still arguing with myself. Like, right now. I’ve a pile of stuff to go through and filter, old stuff. Dusty stuff. Mostly papers and art materials. And there is also the studying. Good old nagging portion of my brain constantly reminding me of the constantly procrastinated area – a box labelled ‘studies’ that sit in the corner of the attic of my brain.

And then there is all the reading. I really love reading. If it was up to me I would finish 3 books a day. Atleast. No problemo. But I cant do that now. Unfortunately. 15 days for my 6th semester. Time is even more precious now. 

Anyway, there is too much to do. I better get back. Get hoping. To finish. Tasks.



That one morning, I just happened to be sitting at the window seat in that tiny plane. My seat also just happened to be located near the propellers of the plane. And I just happened to observe something monumental in my mind, what started as an empty gaze directed towards the airport visible outside the tiny window I was next to – something I involuntarily do once I place my earphones in my ear and turn up the volume to drown out the noise of the engine. Anyway, what I observed as the plane started to move was, the spinning blades of the propeller. At first I could make out each blade, as the spin slowly accelerated to a speed that made each blade almost invisible. So this propeller’s blades were almost invisible, except when a person observing the propeller, pointed out its existence due to its darker shade as a whole, when compared to its background. That’s when it struck me. If a person or an object managed to vibrate at a great speed, perhaps partial/complete invisibility could be achieved. Further more, the extent of invisibility could further be enhanced if this person or object happened to vibrate at a great speed at night.

This window of knowledge that suddenly seemed visible was by itself an ordinary miracle – in my words, a miracle in an ordinary life with ordinary circumstances.

Now, I know that a handful of people already know how to turn invisible using the same rule. Surely this idea by itself isn’t original, though it is an original one in my fresh mind in this lifetime.

And I also know what you may say. You may state that its impossible, as you haven’t met any invisible people. Neither have I. But before you rule the possibility of their existence, let me ask you, even if these people know how to turn invisible, what makes you think they would come and tell you ?

Counting my blessings.

There are just those days sometimes when you are completely down in the dumps. I’ve had too many of those for various reasons. I do have too many complaints. For one, high school was great but college life was something completely unexpected. I knew I will have to face some permanent alterations in my life, but never this deeply affecting. I had no idea what a hell I would live for over 3 years. It was hell. There isn’t another word for it. I didn’t know how much would change, and how much I would have to change to accommodate those changes. I’m still in denial about so many things that have happened to me. There is so much of the last three years that I would love to completely erase.

But if I do manage to magically erase all the bad stuff, there is no way I would be able to keep all the good. A tremendous amount of learning has come my way, through terrible situations. And two friends who stuck by me through thick and thin.

After having a flashback of all the bad times, while watching some movie with a happy ending of some girl going off to Carnegie Melon University afterall, I realized there is no end to all the bad. I could go on and on about how much I hate, how many things I would change in the past, if I could. But what would that get me ? Whatever had to happen, happened. What matters is what I do with it. Today. Tomorrow. And for the rest of my life.

So, instead of counting all that I hate, I started counting all that I have. I started counting the blessings. Its difficult to find focus, when there is so much I wished I hadn’t faced. But somehow, I atleast started counting.

And that will make all the difference.