Her renaissance

(Based on the protagonist’s point of view in the book Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon)

Part 1

So you will teach me how to live now, will you ?

Leave me alone, I don’t need your help

You always try to discipline me, rule me

You don’t care how I’ve felt

I lost them, I lost everything

Always wishing that I could turn back time

Back to relive everything, every moment

Just one last time

She was your daughter Grandpa !

Do you care ?!

I’m sick of living a dead life

I’m sick of your disapproving stare

You say rules help a person live

When he has lost his will

When he has no reason anymore

When his heart doesn’t beat, it stands still

But what of those left behind ?

Left to live when they have died

Grandfather, answer me

I don’t want your resigned sigh

Please, I just want them back

The smell of baking bread

Freshly brewed coffee

Her warm hugs, her kind smile

I don’t want to hurt anymore please

Why did they leave me ?

Grandpa I’m lonely

I can’t continue like this

You’re not making it easy

Part 2

Grandpa I see now

I know now, I feel now

What they reaped I shall sow

Now I know how life flows

I know why I’m pulled

And how to nourish myself

I’ve discovered so much now

This strong, I’ve never felt

The language of the dead, Dante speaks

The music of the living, I reap

Together though we live, we breathe

I’m his soul, he is my seed

Grandfather, I’m sorry

I gave you a hard time

Now I knew what was folly

After a long time, I’m completely fine

Original work by Shruti Krishna dated 19th November 2012


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