An Owl and his Girl


Narrate a story I will
Of an epic love
Between not a man and woman but,
Between a girl and owl
In a dream of a dream perhaps
A young girl found love in an owl
A handsome young owl in his prime
Came to her, its no crime
Drawn to a being unlike any before
She found herself captured
By his warmth, and beauty
By his goodness, and sense of duty
Insurmountably sad she was
Reasons unknown, for it was a dream
A mighty owl he was, and a kind one
Held out his wing for her to take
Pulled to his soft chest, she rested
Drained of sadness, she gave herself
To a deep slumber safe and warm
Undisturbed by steady beating
Of his large heart, protected by every storm
She slept and slept,
As she had wept and wept
As he held her, absorbed her
Cared for her, watched over her
She had found love unique
And so had he, you can see
This is when I awoke
From a story I just spoke
After all, a dream in a dream
My time had come it seems
To leave a story behind
To unravel, in time
Not yours or mine
But one traveling on a parallel line

Original work by Shruti Krishna dated June 5th; 2012


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