Montgomery Wick

Ever searching he was

A woman lost he had loved

His soul won’t rest

Until the woman who left

Was found, hidden somewhere

In a crevice of a rock, anywhere

He keeps searching and searching

Not fretting, not worrying

He knows that’s his destiny

Many go, come back not many

She is frozen, she’s so cold

He keeps searching, he’s so old

One blast, an avalanche

Uncovered her, he got a glance

A ghost of his love

She stood there, didn’t stir

He cried and he kissed her

Her golden face, he missed her

Long dead, mountains claimed her

Her soul, it was safe here

He had found his lost dove

As she watches from above

Now he can rest in peace

Her ring he will keep

His life’s purpose was done

To find his lost woman

He wept with pain

He wept with joy

He wept and he wept

She slept and she slept

Original work by Shruti Krishna dated 3rd November 2012


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