Constant motion never foresaken

Micro bends, macro bends

Bending through space and time

Square peg in a round hole

That’s how I bend

Constant destruction

Constant motion

We witness a new creation

Of a another nation

You and I stand seperated

Parallel, we still create

My thirst, new desires I satiate

Meeting of unknown fates

Ourselves forsaken

For ecstatic pleasure, don’t be mistaken

Beats unbeatable

Odds undefeatable

Awaking unstoppable

Past unforgivable

Our graves await us

What matters lies between us

Stop making such a fuss

You are one of us

Don’t run, don’t hide

Your spirit will suffice

We don’t cry, we don’t sigh

Tonight we drink from my chalice

I’m no child, you’re not mine

We will not resign

Crimson skies we change

New colors will bleed, never the same

Close your eyes and pray

Our ends are not frayed

Wrap your frowns in a case

Clear the rivers from your face

Awaken, look far beyond

Follow me, he has called

I wont let you fall

On the summit we’ll stand tall

Our fortress protected by our walls

Original work by Shruti Krishna, dated 14th November; 2012


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