My renewal, your burial

So you’re just gonna lie there

Broken, all that’s left are pieces

You won’t pick yourself up now, will you

Too used to the way things are, life ceases

In another time, another world

I have picked up your pieces to fix

Tonight though I let you lie still

After the storm of your breaking trills

Your silence speaks

My silence doesn’t weep

Your star just exploded

The heat of which wont reach me

I’m far away, long gone

Light years away from your sad, sad song

I’m here, I’m far

You’re broken, you’re scarred

My music courses through

My veins this time, not yours; screw you !

Shards of glass lie everywhere

In your time, your space

Too far, some even ask ‘where?’

I’m beyond, sailing deep

Too far again, so to speak

You wont wake, you’ll sleep

Your wounds run too deep

I will make this last one rhyme

And place a twig of thyme

The day of my renewal

The day of your burial

Original work by Shruti Krishna, dated 12th November; 2012


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