Too far, too deep

Have walked too far

Path wound too deep

With too many branches

Very many possibilities

Have walked for too long

Though little time has passed

On the outlines of a clock

My ship as no dock

Have wandered so deep

Where I came from now is blurry

A shadow of what once was

I’m searching for somewhere sunny

I walk and I walk

With not many to talk

But sometimes too many, so stop

My ship has no dock

I keep walking you see

Miles to go before I sleep

A line from Robert Frost’s best

Keeps me from having rest

I keep forgetting now

Forgetfulness occurs often

Where was I born, again ?

I’m deep in a swamp sometimes, rotten

I swim now, and keep swimming

To reach a shore sunny

With daisies and daffodils

I want to laugh at something funny

Please give me directions

I need to go somewhere so,

But the cat said it doesn’t matter what path to take

If I don’t know where to go

Ahh I have forgotten

Cannot find a path back

I’m in too deep, too far

I have changed, and so have all


Original work by Shruti Krishna

Dated 8th November 2012




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