An Owl and his Girl


Narrate a story I will
Of an epic love
Between not a man and woman but,
Between a girl and owl
In a dream of a dream perhaps
A young girl found love in an owl
A handsome young owl in his prime
Came to her, its no crime
Drawn to a being unlike any before
She found herself captured
By his warmth, and beauty
By his goodness, and sense of duty
Insurmountably sad she was
Reasons unknown, for it was a dream
A mighty owl he was, and a kind one
Held out his wing for her to take
Pulled to his soft chest, she rested
Drained of sadness, she gave herself
To a deep slumber safe and warm
Undisturbed by steady beating
Of his large heart, protected by every storm
She slept and slept,
As she had wept and wept
As he held her, absorbed her
Cared for her, watched over her
She had found love unique
And so had he, you can see
This is when I awoke
From a story I just spoke
After all, a dream in a dream
My time had come it seems
To leave a story behind
To unravel, in time
Not yours or mine
But one traveling on a parallel line

Original work by Shruti Krishna dated June 5th; 2012


Her renaissance

(Based on the protagonist’s point of view in the book Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon)

Part 1

So you will teach me how to live now, will you ?

Leave me alone, I don’t need your help

You always try to discipline me, rule me

You don’t care how I’ve felt

I lost them, I lost everything

Always wishing that I could turn back time

Back to relive everything, every moment

Just one last time

She was your daughter Grandpa !

Do you care ?!

I’m sick of living a dead life

I’m sick of your disapproving stare

You say rules help a person live

When he has lost his will

When he has no reason anymore

When his heart doesn’t beat, it stands still

But what of those left behind ?

Left to live when they have died

Grandfather, answer me

I don’t want your resigned sigh

Please, I just want them back

The smell of baking bread

Freshly brewed coffee

Her warm hugs, her kind smile

I don’t want to hurt anymore please

Why did they leave me ?

Grandpa I’m lonely

I can’t continue like this

You’re not making it easy

Part 2

Grandpa I see now

I know now, I feel now

What they reaped I shall sow

Now I know how life flows

I know why I’m pulled

And how to nourish myself

I’ve discovered so much now

This strong, I’ve never felt

The language of the dead, Dante speaks

The music of the living, I reap

Together though we live, we breathe

I’m his soul, he is my seed

Grandfather, I’m sorry

I gave you a hard time

Now I knew what was folly

After a long time, I’m completely fine

Original work by Shruti Krishna dated 19th November 2012

Montgomery Wick

Ever searching he was

A woman lost he had loved

His soul won’t rest

Until the woman who left

Was found, hidden somewhere

In a crevice of a rock, anywhere

He keeps searching and searching

Not fretting, not worrying

He knows that’s his destiny

Many go, come back not many

She is frozen, she’s so cold

He keeps searching, he’s so old

One blast, an avalanche

Uncovered her, he got a glance

A ghost of his love

She stood there, didn’t stir

He cried and he kissed her

Her golden face, he missed her

Long dead, mountains claimed her

Her soul, it was safe here

He had found his lost dove

As she watches from above

Now he can rest in peace

Her ring he will keep

His life’s purpose was done

To find his lost woman

He wept with pain

He wept with joy

He wept and he wept

She slept and she slept

Original work by Shruti Krishna dated 3rd November 2012

Constant motion never foresaken

Micro bends, macro bends

Bending through space and time

Square peg in a round hole

That’s how I bend

Constant destruction

Constant motion

We witness a new creation

Of a another nation

You and I stand seperated

Parallel, we still create

My thirst, new desires I satiate

Meeting of unknown fates

Ourselves forsaken

For ecstatic pleasure, don’t be mistaken

Beats unbeatable

Odds undefeatable

Awaking unstoppable

Past unforgivable

Our graves await us

What matters lies between us

Stop making such a fuss

You are one of us

Don’t run, don’t hide

Your spirit will suffice

We don’t cry, we don’t sigh

Tonight we drink from my chalice

I’m no child, you’re not mine

We will not resign

Crimson skies we change

New colors will bleed, never the same

Close your eyes and pray

Our ends are not frayed

Wrap your frowns in a case

Clear the rivers from your face

Awaken, look far beyond

Follow me, he has called

I wont let you fall

On the summit we’ll stand tall

Our fortress protected by our walls

Original work by Shruti Krishna, dated 14th November; 2012

My renewal, your burial

So you’re just gonna lie there

Broken, all that’s left are pieces

You won’t pick yourself up now, will you

Too used to the way things are, life ceases

In another time, another world

I have picked up your pieces to fix

Tonight though I let you lie still

After the storm of your breaking trills

Your silence speaks

My silence doesn’t weep

Your star just exploded

The heat of which wont reach me

I’m far away, long gone

Light years away from your sad, sad song

I’m here, I’m far

You’re broken, you’re scarred

My music courses through

My veins this time, not yours; screw you !

Shards of glass lie everywhere

In your time, your space

Too far, some even ask ‘where?’

I’m beyond, sailing deep

Too far again, so to speak

You wont wake, you’ll sleep

Your wounds run too deep

I will make this last one rhyme

And place a twig of thyme

The day of my renewal

The day of your burial

Original work by Shruti Krishna, dated 12th November; 2012

You made this, Octavarium.


Fluctuating mind

Digesting all this sound

What if I’m not really around ?

What could I have possibly found ?

This music so profound

Scintillating find

Not high on a mushie mound

Notes intricately wound

Beats I cannot count

My sanity I sometimes doubt

The present I cannot wind

Up like a cold bout

Song too loud

My brain just flew out

Into outer space, look out !

From the earth too round

Battles I will fight

Gather will my cloud

You won’t wear your shroud

I won’t wear my frown

And there won’t be a sound


Original work of Shruti Krishna, dated November 12th; 2012


Her roses have fallen

Forgive me love, your roses have fallen

For my neglect has cost you dearly;

Oh my dear love, your roses have fallen

They lie awaiting their fate;

The battle clouds gather, so eager my love

They drop their bullets down upon you;

But your roses my love

Have died, have gone above

Cold winds only warn of all that awaits you;

Its pouring with abandon

Oh my you wont hurt

Your roses have only enjoyed this;

But my darling, my love

Your roses have fallen

Feel they wont of bullets that rain on you;

They spot our grounds with dots

For have they ever feared ?

‘Afraid not

I cant even bend over to protect you;

My roses, my love

Forgive me my dove

I never did predict this damned fortune

Original work of Shruti Krishna, dated 28th June, 2012